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You need to update your website but your web developer doesn't work after 5:00PM. You wouldn't have to wait until tomorrow if you had a Content Management System setup.

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Content management systems give you, the customer, the power to update your own web site content when and how you see fit. It can be very easy to make textual changes or upload a new product image and it can be done very quickly. Let's put it this way: If you can use Microsoft Word to type up a letter, you can manage your own website content - don't let the Internet scare you... Embrace the way you can immediately get your message out to your clients or suppliers!

Digital Tea Goes Further...

At Digital Tea we offer our own content management system, giving you an extremely easy method to perform timely important updates. Or, we can work with other content management system frameworks to get your desired web site from a dream to reality (example: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal). Also, going with an open source CMS does NOT limit you to a template web site - at Digital Tea, our team of highly skilled designers can take virtually any look you desire and incorporate it into the software of your choice.

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